Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad Temper Baby

Mummy mentioned before that En En finally show her true colors... guess what, she's not only smart but she is even bad temper. So, how bad is really that bad?

Remember when daddy was away in Vietnam, mummy will accompanied her to sleep everyday. Read her story book, especially Winnie the Pooh, Peter and Jane. En En will listen at the beginning, 2 nights is fine. Then came the third night, she started to lose interest and crawled away from mummy's laps, down to the floor headed to the drawers and started to throw things out from the drawer. asked her to keep back all the stuff she thrown from the drawer, initially she put back then after a while she threw out away. Then didn't bother to keep.

Then, the high point came, En En started to shout "Mah! Ma!"... think she's calling Ah Mah (grandma) to release her from the room. Come on, it's almost 11pm, time for bed but she was so energetic still and moving here and there non-stop. After that, she went to the door, standing up leaning towards the door and hit the door with her hands. Mummy just ignored her and guess what she did? She hits her head at the door!! Mummy scolded her but she kept doing it anyway. Mummy dragged her to the bed and she hit her head on the bed several times and mumbled to herself.

When she's done with that, she crawled to the drawer and opened the drawer again. Mummy wanted her to sleep but she was busy pulling and throwing anything out. Then Mummy beated her hand softly to stop her, in fact to get her attention that mummy is angry. Mummy looked at her seriously but didn't say a word, she shouted and hit back as if she's scolding back mummy! Gosh.... what a baby I have!

En En only went to sleep when she's tired playing around. There were a few nights whereby mummy was so tired, yawning and pretending to sleep on the bed, sometimes mummy really slept, En En will either crawled on my body or took the opportunity to bite on mummy's thighs or toes... OUGH!!!


jazzmint said...

time like this they are just too playful and always refuse to sleep if there's a chance

Tutiger said...

kesian lo..... mummy got to suffer those sleepless nights. Hope things will turn better soon