Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Access to Blog for 11 DAYS!

Why? Coz daddy is bringing his laptop to Vietnam tomorrow. Daddy will be in Vietnam for 1 week plus and mummy will be sick of not getting the medium to access Internet at home! Sob... sob....
Well, what to do? In fact, it really doesn't matter la. I'm not yet that addicted to blogging and mummy still got piano to practise and unfinish scrapbooking projects!
Think it's time to have peace of mind for eleven days since writing blogs also squeeze lots of juices from the brain. It's time to refill now. Well, still able to visit other mommies blogs as still can access from office.... kekeke... It's time to "attack" others blogs! Opps, I mean visits and comments more here. So, I'm going to have relax, Internet free and blog free eleven nights!!! (Coz I blog during night time only since company block all access to quite a numbers of sites).

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