Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Picky or Fussy Eater?

Mummy really can't tell what's wrong with my En En who refused to take solid for almost 2 weeks now. Milk also takes lesser,you are not interested in any types of foods. We prolong your meal time to hope that you'll eat more but it didn't work as well. You seems like not hungry and didn't want any offer of food from us.
En En is not fever, no sore throat, bowel movement is alright but since lack of water you don't have "smooth journey" during your poo time. Your poo time and meal time all up side down... we lost track about it.
My girl used to finish the solid food in 15 minutes, now almost 1 hour and yet only half of the usual volume. You will avoid the spoon, avoid water no matter how hard we tried, you just sealed your mouth so tight. When you get angry, you will pull the spoon and throw it away or just a swap to push everything away from you and down to the floor.
Thought you will want to try other food instead of your usual porridge, so we made soft rice with delicious soup. You finished 75% of the soft rice with 1 bowl of soup during lunchtime and that also took around 1 hour with hardwork from Ah Mah. As for dinner, mummy prepared pasta with fish and soup while Ah Mah standby with the soft rice with soup again. You didn't even want to open your mouth for the first spoonful. Mummy tried for almost 20 minutes and you only took about 5 spoonful then shown us your frustrated face. Ah Mah came to feed you the porridge and you just hardly took another 8 spoonfuls before you started to protest to get away from us.
My dear daughter, what happen to you? Why suddenly you hate all the food? We are working so hard to change recipe everyday from your breakfast till dinner with all delicious food, why don't you appreciate the food? Could it due to teething??


Miranda Lea said...

uughh!!,the more i read your journey..the more worries i get..the next step to come for least i know what to expect now cos i totallly forgotten Elder DD's baby journey...(sigh).

Bryan's Mama said...

a fren of mine, her dother ate nothing but cereal for 2months cos didn't want to eat anything else!! so don't worry, i think it's just a phase that they're going thru. maybe En En wants to play and considers eating a waste of time!

Malaika's mummy said...

It is possible she is teething. Keuy Teow soup saves my day, want to try? You can use mee shuan too.

hmmm.... I always force feed Malaika ;) which my hubs disapproves. My trick: Turn on her favourite TV programme,and she will open her mouth while watching TV.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

miranda: you are right, never tot will be so terrible... now I appreciate my mum more. :O)

bryan's mama: probably yes to my gal coz she really can tahan as long as she got to play

malaika's mummy: mee shua tried already, she felt yucks!kuey teow? MIL bet with me saying she won't take it... dun know y...