Friday, July 6, 2007

The Truth Reveal... (reasons En En refuse solid food)

There are reasons behind why En En refuse to take solid food. Today, after much struggle and we don't see any improvements on En En solid food intake, mummy decided to bring En En to visit doctor. After checking her throat & tummy, En En was confirmed having sore throat and wind in the stomach. Oh dear... this marks the beginning of medicine days.

En En is still as active as before and she continue to be so talkative and screaming a few times in a day. We never suspect that she has sore throat as she never shows signs of anything. Yes, she still play as hard as before but only one thing different - she rejects water and other liquids and took in very little of them. The weather of these 2 weeks are extremely hot, this is the third time En En has sore throat. I'm just worry about her medicine intake because as she grows older, she just know how to avoid and yes we were having difficulty in feeding her the medicine until we have no choice but to force-feed her. Ah Mah grabbed her hands and made her opened the mouth and mummy will pour the medicine and water in the mouth quickly. Mummy think tomorrow will be doing the same thing.... gosh have to be bad guys for a few days now! I bet En En will hate us for a few days too.

A little highlight of the day:

We were chilling in a bakery house that serve drinks and ice-cream while waiting for En En's turn to see the doctor this afternoon. Mummy and Ah Mah ordered a big egg tart and ice mango drinks. Mummy was buying buns for En En to try. Our little girl was so excited as this is her first time visiting a bakery house. She keeps on pointing here and there especially on the price tag (the one that stand in from of those pies, tarts, pizzas bread and so on) Luckily En En never touch the items lining behind the price tag stand. She was wondering around the shelves and never wants to follow us even we were away from her. Mummy regretted not bringing camera to capture this cute moments therefore decided to blog it out. We let her tried on the mango juice and yes it's cold... we just can't stop laughing on this little fella's expression. Just imagine the reaction when you taste something sour, and yet she wanted more even she keeps on showing us that face. IT'S JUST SO FUNNY!


jazzmint said...

oh boy...poor girl. i hope she gets better

Bryan's Mama said...

at least you found out the reason can treat it. keep us updated ok?