Monday, July 9, 2007

A Trip to the Park

En En went to the park on one fine day for a late afternoon walk. This is the first time En En went to the park and was so excited and delighted to see new environment and so many kids around playing in the park.

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You were not screaming or giving us any problem as you were attracked by the new place. We went to the children playground. Hoping that you will enjoy the slide and moving turtle (see pic). To our knowledge, you enjoy more by watching other kids to play. You were so silent to observe your surrounding and was so happy if you were walking on your own.

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Daddy and mummy only worried that you will get tired as that time was your nap time and you never walk for such a long distance before at home. Mummy was spo happy to see you walking around in the park as this is one of mummy's wish to bring you exploring the botanical park. Don't worry, as you build your stamina and strength, I'm sure we'll be back often.

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Excited En En with Jia Ying cousin


jazzmint said...

hehe kids love the park, especially when they can climb up and down the slide

Bryan's Mama said...

i want to take bryan oso but wait till he can walk. else mummy tired from carrying him liao!

angiepoo said...

Looks like a fun day out at the park :). Unfortunately I can't bring Emily out so often she just 'attracts' mosquito bitting her, We brought her to the mini park at our appartment, she was immediately bitten 3 times within 10 mins! Some say A+ blood type attratcs mosquito attacks :(

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint: too bad en en only enjoy looking at other kids to play *roll eyes*

bryan's mama: yes... it's very tiring carry them walk all the way, at this moment you really wish they can walk by themselves

angie: wah... everywhere go also got mosquito? Then must bring mosquito repellent. Now I know why your e-store carry that... hehe...