Monday, July 16, 2007

14 Months Old

En En is 14 months old now... time flies and if Mummy never take leaves sure will miss out so many interesting moments with En En at home. Too many... really alot of capabilities En En developed and mastered after her first birthday.

Vital Stat:
Weight: 9.4kg (was 9.9kg 2 weeks ago)
Height : 76cm

Every 3 hours for 5oz - 6oz milk. Since 3 weeks ago, En En refused solid food - no porridge, no oatmeal, just plain milk or milk mix with cereal.
Interested on fish crackers and Jacob's type biscuits with crunchy sound! No-no for baby biscuit now.
Love ice-cream, will come close to anyone with ice-cream with cone.
She already started to demand for tasty food.

Favourite fruits: Still Pear, banana, apple

Prefer taste: Salty (even we never add salt), sour. Sweet is a no no for her.

Prefer medicine type: "East" more than "West" (yup, she just love chinese herb medicine, don't ask me why)

Overall Development
1) Both hand and leg twisting
En En will twist her left hand and left feet together when we asked her to dance. The turning is so parallel till you can't believe she is able to control them so well.

2) Walking tall
She walks very steady now but still got that ducky look... very cute!Prefer to walk on her own now rather than staying in stroller.

3) Put on pants with our help
Tested her before we went out just now to change new pants. Mummy just offer hands that holding her pants down while En En grabbed my hands with hers, moved up her left leg and put in the left opening of the pants and the same for the right side even Mummy got to remind her to place her leg up first. Great achievement for En En!

4) Give French Kiss when ask her to say good bye
En En definitely will give anyone french kiss with her palm facing the mouth and with "muah, muah" sound! Then follow with a soft "ba-ei".

5)Avoid us when feeding
She will think of so many ways to avoid been fed with spoon. First, she will turns her face the the opposite of ours, then she will put her hands on her cheeks, her forehead and the cranky look so that we can't feed her.

6) Understand whatever we talked
En En pick up quite fast and whatever we talk about, especially related to her she will perform again in front of everyone.

7) Make funny face and wink wink
En En is capable to do lots of facial expressions. Latest is wink to us when she's playing or whenever she thinks she just want to have fun.

8) Understand open and close the drawer
En En will loves to show you how to close the drawer without hurting her little fingers. And yes to En En learned from hurting her fingers a few times.

9) Words she is able to pronounce and understand the meaning
ma mee – mummy (very clear now)
pear - pear
ga ga - duck
up – up, she says this when she wants to get someone to assist her to get up from sitting or lying


jazzmint said...

aiks she like the bitter medicine!!! Time to give some bitter gourd haha

Bryan's Mama said...

she speaks so her mummy ah??

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint: yeah.. en en just open her mouth big when taking the chinese medicine... as for the doc prescription med, we need to force-feed! So pitiful...

bryan's mama: sorry yah... I'm the opposite of my dd, I'm quiet type person.

Angeleyes said...

yeah... when you have a child time really flies...

En En seemed to have lost all the chubbiness but she has those sparkling eyes.

Malaika's mummy said...

En En really likes bitter and sour stuff.

Malaika only likes sweet fruits like papaya, mango and banana. No apple for her.