Saturday, July 14, 2007

Progress on En En's Condition - Part 2

After much trial and attempt to feed En En any solid food, still no improvement. Finished the medicine but we still wonder why she's not having any appetite. After discussion with SIL, PIL and daddy, we decided to bring En En to see chinese sinseh at Eu Yan Sang. I personally think when doc or paed concluded that the child is alright but my instinct still tell me it's not alright, I will go for chinese sinseh for another throughout check. I shall say it's my ultimate choice for second opinion. Of course when I decided to go for chinese sinseh I already prepared that her condition is not as simple as take medicine then can recover by itself. Normally it will take some longer period to totally get rid of whatever symptom or diseases that ones may have. This is the reason I trust on chinese sinseh's treatment, finding the root cause. So, what is those whatever? We have no idea until we let the sinseh check on En En.

We waited at the Eu Yan Sang building almost 1 hour, the chinese sinseh looks young but he gave us very detail explaination. He checked on En En throat and told us it's not yet fully recovered and the nose also been stuffed with running nose all the while. Huh? How come En En never got running nose which we can see from outside? The sinseh claimed that if we are able to see the running nose, that's a mild case. Running nose that stuff inside is the worst case! No wonder En En sometimes will vomit out some sticky phlegm eventhough she's not having flu, that's the running nose that stuffed inside. The sinseh even asked us who is the one who have sensitive nose because En En's case is inherited from either daddy or mummy. Obviously, it's from daddy since daddy also got stuffing nose all the while and the other way to confirm this (the sinseh taught us) is by using a light (small torch light, perhaps)to view inside the nostril. Normal nostril should looks like a nice 'longkang' (the drain) without any bumpy or flatten area. En En and daddy both have either bumpy or flatten area inside the nostril. This condition is link very much to the throat and therefore both of them some times may encounter breathing difficulty (this explain why En En likes to poke her nostril most of the time) or breathing with loud noise (daddy's one). En En's throat will need longer time to recover. In that case, if En En has sore throat and fever it will be like a cycle. Meaning once she's recover from having medicine, after some times she will have it back again. This one I got to agree coz it is true for En En case. As for kids with such body characteristic is not advisable to take soy milk coz it will make the case worsen!

Another interesting part is these are not the root cause yet... the root cause is from the liver. They both are easily to become heaty and hot, restless plus bad temper. En En is borned with such condition and the sinseh told us if given threatment when young can totally get rid but for daddy case, it's not that easy already. Wah!!! Really alot of knowledge here... I guess the chinese sinseh help us to reveal most of the questions that we were having or seldom pay attention to. I'm not praising anyone but I do believe chinese medical is a good alternative. At least I know more about my girl's problem or symptoms now.

En En needs to take chinese herb to cure her symptoms and luckily she never rejects chinese herb coz Mummy still give her "Jing Fong San" (in mandarin, a type of chinese herb supplement for babies and toddlers) even till today. we will need to monitor her from time to time especially the diet and lifestyle as people like them is not advisable to become night owl.


jazzmint said...

oh...good to know that from the sinseh...hope she got better appetite

Bryan's Mama said...

{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} to En En & a speed recovery!!

michelle said...

Hope your gal recover fast. What did the sinseh advise on the heaty part?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint: Thanks... all of us hope so too.

bryan's mama: thanks alot & BTW if you encounter ur boy still sleep with loud sound, should bring him for throughout checkup coz according to the sinseh, that's one of the symptoms from the throat too.

michelle: thanks for ur concern & I totally forgot to ask the sinseh about the heaty part :O| Maybe En En doesn't eat others heaty food but only milk & porridge and he told us no need to avoid any food, just make sure she takes the herb medicine frequently.