Thursday, July 12, 2007

Progress on En En's Condition - Part 1

Yesterday we notices that En En still got no appetite and refuse to eat. I can see that she already dropping pounds and was so pity to see her not eating solid for so long now. Plus, discovered she got rashes around her genital area and faster brought her to see doctor at noon.

Checked her throat, it is improving and nearly recover; stomach checked - no wind as before. Doctor asked about her stool, well after taken medicine her stool becomes loose and sticky with very strong smell. Showed doctor her affected red genital area, doctor said it could be also due to infection from unhygience clearing of her stool that stayed on. Immediately I asked will it be diaper rash? Guess what the doctor answer me? "You tell me where diaper rash will appear? You said diaper, where does diaper cover?" "The buttock", I answered without thinking twice. "So, your daughter's condition is not on the buttock, get what I mean?" @%#$@^$# I wished I never ask that coz it made me feel so stupid! Grrrgh...!

Well, since En En's stool is too sticky and smelly (she never eat much solid food but only milk and we were wondering what cause the strong bad smell of her stool), doc considered that she has stomach upset that cause her her reduce appetite. Even so, the other side doc doesn't know is En En even reject the medicine as she avoided to take medicine until most of the time the medicine was pouring on the floor! Reason - En En will used her hands to grab our spoon and pushed awaywith all her strength! Poor girl, mummy feel sorry and heartbroken that you take so little food now and I'm still wondering whether to bring you for your following vaccination yet. En En never have any vaccination since 5 months old till now, am worry about her current condition because to me, she's weak now eventhough she's still active.

Mummy and everyone in the family hoping that you will recover real soon and in your tip-top healthy condition.


Bryan's Mama said...

En En, you get well soon ok? If not Mummy very worried about you.
Sharine- I think you should tell your paed that En En hasn't been taking the medication. Have you tried feeding her using a syringe before? Then the meds won't spill. Either that or I'll mix it with the usual milk bottle.

michelle said...

Wah wat doc you see, how can answer like that. Anyway if got loose stool, better wash your daughter's butt and surrounding with water, dry then put cloth diaper and cream. The rash will go away.

I hope she recover soon!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

bryan's mama: thanks for your concern. Whatever I use also useless coz she'll spit out everything. Medicine mix with milk?? We are talking about antibiotic worr....

michelle: Thanks for your tip.