Saturday, July 21, 2007

Progress on En En's Condition - Part 3

After taking the chinese herb medicine for 1 week now, En En able to accept back solid food now and drink 6oz of milk after 2 and a half hour since her last meal. Everyone in the family is delighted and glad on En En's improvement. We are quite amazed because after 2 days taken the medicine, En En was having back half of her porridge with 1 bowl (yes, the bowl that adult take for soup) of soup. She started to accept back porridge with lots of soup then we gradually reduce the soup and up the volume of solid. So far, she is doing fine and I can say she already back to hre normal meal portaion but with better appetite now. Why better? Becuase she is giving signs that she wants to be fed! We are more glad to offer her as much as she wants...

A little update:

My active and cheerful little girl is back! So happy since no need to worry that she refuse to eat again. What a relieve! Mummy able to observe a few new words from En En recently:

- "Kay" - means OK
- "Kor Kor" or "Ke Ke" - means older brother

Another confirmation is En En understand everthing about our conversation and the meaning of them all. She may talk to us in baby talk but when we instructed her or tell her to do or not to do something even we never demonstrate to her yet, she already got what it means. One thing that never change is her bad-temper, which is even worse than before. She is unable to wait for anyone longer so we got to change her the last among all family members if all of us are preparing for an outing activity. Otherwise, she will scream and make noise in order to get out from the house faster. When we go shopping, she will demand us to push her in trolley of stroller non-stop by telling you "Go" or else she will make noise. Just imagine how to shop with her??

Next, Mummy is going to ask again what shall we offer for our little girl in order to further maintain her appetite and any solutions for the long term care of her digestive system. Then, it's time to schedule for En En vaccination. She's way too overdue for at least 3 types of jabs - MMR, Chickenpox and Hepatitis A. Wonder whether can do All In One??


michelle said...

Glad she is recovering. Better do 1 shot at a time. By the way I gave you a virtual award.

Mummy to QiQi said...

hi there. Your baby is so cute :)

Malaika's mummy said...

Hmm... MMR might cause fever. I would suggest to have the jab done once a month.

Glad that she is on solid again. Happy En En = happy mama