Thursday, July 26, 2007

Talented Music Student

Well, this is not my En En but I do hope she will be one of them, I mean enjoying activities that she participate.
I was helping another music teacher to teach her student as she was sick today. I replaced her for 2 lessons, hence 2 different students aged 3 and 5. OMG! Imagine that 3 years old one... well, merely can't teach anything as he's way too talkative and not to mention he's still learning ABC. So it was abit like music play class in nursery. He speaks good Mandarin, even he's from German-Chinese parentage, a very cute and gorgeous child.
The one that I considered as talented is the 5 year old chinese girl - Alycia. I was surprised that she pick up very fast in the lesson, understand very well even I just spoke to her once, speaks very fluent English with slang. She made me wonder whether she's studying in International School? I was even suprised that she learns violin, ballet, attending drawing class and was told by her mum that she wants to join as much activities as she can and in fact enjoying every classes. I would say this is quite a rare case as most of the children nowadays are forced to attend music class, to join a lot more of extra-curriculum and I even saw a few music students (luckily not mine) crying in and crying out from the music room and parent have to watch them outside the class! I was thinking the child must have no interest in music otherwise, it shouldn't be so difficult for everyone.
I remember during my time, I was looking forward for my music lesson, my parent nevre encourage, never discourage... it's all up to me. I still believe music is for enjoying and fun. If one doesn't feel so, better don't force to learn. So, back to that talented student, I believe it must be very costly to raise a child who enjoy so many activities that we have for young children nowadays. No doubt, she will be a very brilliant student with multiple talents.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Sharine, mind doing this de'charity tag :)

michelle said...

Wow 3 years old already send for music. I am still in a dillema whether to start my son.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

mummy to qiqi: sorry to tell u I can't go into your blog at the moment... got virus detected after visiting your blog so cannot do the tag yet. Am using hubby's laptop, he banned me from visiting your blog... so sorry.

michelle: as long as Tim can understand very well about alphabets and basic maths calculation, he's ready for music.