Tuesday, July 3, 2007

En En Vocab Capability

Mummy was amazed on the words that En En is able to pronouce and understand nowadays. Lately, she's been saying "guu-gaa", "guu-gaa" but too bad no one can understand what's that mean.
When we take out the powder container or applying baby powder on her bum, her neck including after bath, she'll said "bai3-bai3" (in mandarin means 'white white'). It refers to the white talcum powder, so she pronouced and understood the word correctly.

Let's see what else she is saying lately:

'byee-bai' (with her palm and fingers grabbing inwards or shaking her hand) = bye bye
'ah-ple' = apple
'eh-fen = elephant
'woh-woh' = dog
'eh-eik' = dirty (normally she will peek in the potty or her soiled diaper when saying this)
'aii-ss' = light
'issh' = fish OR putting her finger in front of her mouth to ask us be quiet
'la-la' = one of the teletubbies plush toy given by her cousin

En En will talk or babble non-stop during her play or even when walking. It is very seldom that she can sit down quietly or not saying anything for 10 minutes. Mummy believes she will be a talkative girl later.
Is this the proof that girls are more faster in developing speaking skill than boys?


Bryan's Mama said...

En En learning sooooo fast! Bryan speaks only once in a while and limited words only.

jazzmint said...

she sure speaks fast

Peridot&Sapphire said...

bryan's mama: dun worry, bryan still not yet 1 yo and once they pick up... OMG! En En speaks non-stop nowadays...

jazzmint: is faythe like that also?