Tuesday, January 15, 2008

20 months old!

Whoa... so fast En En reached 20 months already. Another 4 months to go and she will be 2 years old. My baby is a big girl already and she speaks very well now even sometimes she will babbling on her own when she's angry or irritated. This time mummy is going to blog a quick update about our little girl.


Height: Forgot to measure
Weight: 10.7kg - dropped from 11.2kg due to recent sickness
Teeth : Unable to count but her upper and lower molar teeth all out! At least 16 or more??

- Refuse totally on plain water and it's getting harder to make her drink water
- Feel grateful as she is very interested to drink soup everyday from breakfast till supper!
- Daily meal including oatmeal for breakfast (never refuse since she's 6 months old), porridge or porridge mix with 1 Tablespoon rice cook with fish or meat or both. Must serve with hot soup!
- She's not keen in chewing food, evrything goes into her mouth she swallows it directly. That's the reason we hardly ccan change porridge into rice yet. But weird enough she chews very good on biscuit or fried salted fish crackers but not rice.
- A big fan of ice-cream! She will throw tantrum if we refuse to give her the ice-cream with cone once she sees it!
- Refuse Pedia Sure milk due to the sweetness and back on Gain Plus. Take 6oz for 2-3 times daily.
- Interested to taste different food and will ask us to include her on the dining table whenever she sees us having meal even she already had hers.
- Still in love with yoghurt drinks and she thinks yoghurt is ice-cream as she will ask for more.
- Loves cold drinks.

Too many until lost count, she can speaks simple words with us and understand whatever we told her.

1) En En is able to imitate every words that we said and she will repeat it again in front of us.

2) She will giggle and laugh when we talk about her funny actions that she did among ourselves even she was playing and seems not concentrating with adult's conversation. She listens to every single words that we said and this cheeky girl always alert at anytime! So better be careful about what we said with her existence.

3) She's able to use spoon to feed herself well but still make a mess if she's trying to scoop the soup out from the bowl.

4) She loves to take her soup from a bowl and will act like the old chinese that drink directly from the bowl without any spoon.

5) We will need to hide stuff/ food or anything that we don't wish her to take/consume when she's not aware. Once she knows where we place them she will lead you there and ask you to take for her even she just saw it once. She has very good observation and memory.

6) She will trick us to get what she wants. Firstly, she will manja with you and pretending to ask you go to the kitchen but when you pass the staircase, she will points and scream to go up. Our little navigator won't give up easily if her desire never meet. She will make noise and fuss until you have to negotiate with her. Forget about sweets, that's a turn off for her.

7) En En starts to scribble on paper with colour pencil but she is still learning to hold the pencil properly even she can scribble something out. We are not giving her real pen to write but she prefers pen over pencil.

8) Able to understand when we reason with her why this can or that cannot. She is also able to understand instructions when we ask her to bring her nappy to the laundry basket, put back her pacifier on the table, take the bottle from the table, bring mummy a pillow and so on...

9) Able to take off unbuttoned blouse on her own.

10) Able to wear her shoes properly and mostly she wear the shoes left and right correctly.

11) Feels shy when she's topless or without a diaper... she will quickly ask to cover up but will say shy shy and laugh at anyone of us who go topless or reveal some bare skin in front of her.

12) Joking around with us about "nen nen" (boobies) and she said mummy has, Ah Mah has, papa has,... everyone have including En En too! She then comes close to mummy in order to pull up mummy's shirt for a peek! Naughty girl!!!


slavemom said...

Happy 20 months old! Ya lor.. so fast hor.. Terrible Two coming. LOL It's great that she can communicate with u guys. Less guessing is needed. Wah.. she's a real soup lover. Wat oatmeal do u give her? I tried to give CE Quaker oats a few times but he rejected it.

angiepoo said...

Very good updates and tracking on En en's development. Its very rewarding to see our own flesh and blood developing and learning everyday. How I wish I had the time to do the same and track Emily's development too. Just too busy and tired now a days :(

giddy tiger said...

Happy 20 months old!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

slavemom: it's Quaker oat too but the blue package one. The cook type and we cook it with meat, egg for abit salty taste. As for sweeter taste put in banana, apple or pear.

angie: Yes, you need time to do blogging...

joyce: thanks!