Thursday, January 31, 2008

What!!!??? Quit Job?

If you are a full time working mum, I'm sure everyone will stare at you like an alien if you mention you want to quit job and stay at home. Some people may claim that it's not wise to quit job in when you are young because you won't know what's the future will be. Single income family is not that popular in these days unless daddy or mummy earns alot. I do have a relative who is a mummy in managerial position while the husband is taking care of the family and not working. Cool huh? I don't think there is something wrong with the family... it's just our society will see it differently.

Well, especially those mummies who went for tertiary education, was having very good pay job and suddenly decided to quit. What did your family members say? I think they can voice up their concern and worry to you but the most important person that stand by you must be your husband, isn't it? Please share with me.

I have a complicated feeling when thinking about my not-so-good full time job that leads me to nowhere even after another 5 years and miss time spend with my child. I'm not a good mother as I don't know how to balance well about what I'm looking for in my career life versus my family. I feel miserable loosing my technical skills days by days and doing don't know what the heck in my job until I feel like I'm just a clerk! After much thought over this issue, I decided to put a stop here.

MIL was a full time teacher when she was young and she treasure family times with her children. Time was a challenge for her back then and she shared with me those moments she missed with her children. On the other hand, my mum who's a full time SAHM and later became WAHM wishes that I can earn my own money and be independant so that can send my children to daycare. Haha... can you see the conflict here?

Well, the decision is on my own hands and only I will decide what I want for my life. Afterall, there are even lots of things to learn in the house, isn't it? To name a few, cooking and baking which I long to but never start on anything yet; more time spend with the little one,... and if possible I might become PTWM.

Conclusion, it's not the end of the world if you don't work. It's another turning curve in life whereby you may not know what's the challenge ahead.


slavemom said...

Let's put it this way, going to work 9-5 is not the oni way to earn money. And if the current financial situation allows it, it's always best if we can take care of our children ourselves. In the meantime, u can think abt wat kind of opportunities that allow u to hv a flexible time n earn money at the same time.

Mamalina said...

It's the time with loved ones vs money and future prospects dilemma. What do you value more?
If you are worried about losing the income from the full time job, you can always expand your piano teaching hours. The income may not be as much as now but you'll have a more flexible time. If you have to work more during weekends, you can make more time during the weekdays.

LaY hOoN said...

May be you can get a rest for a year(quit your job). Just to concentrate taking care of your family. Indeed, you may have more time to do your favorite things, and earn passive income instead of being employee.

Bryan's Mama said...

First of all i don't think you're a terrible mother. We all work because we want a good life for our children and can provide them with the best. It doesn't matter whether you work full/part time or not work at's not regreting the decision that you make :)

Jess said...

Some prefers to work and stay away from their children.. others prefer to live the 'simple life' of a SAHM and be with their children.. whichever it is, you know what you want. Just choose the path you want the most and live on with no regrets. I chose the latter... I don't mind not having the money but do so mind looking back and realising that I have missed out on my children's life.. that's just me.

I second Bryan's Momma.. you are not a terrible mother. Anyone who brought a life to this world AND is willing to take care of them is certainly not a terrible mother. We just need to learn to cope with life's many challenges.

allthingspurple said...

well, my mom ask incredulously," I spend a small fortune sending you and your 8 brothers and sisters to England and now both you and your sister want to be a stay at home mom!!!???"

So i am a work from home mom instead. My sister who married a fella in England is a stay at home mom though

Peridot&Sapphire said...

slavemom: is this what you had gone through as well? Anyway, this is great alternative... thanks!

marlina: hmmm... you know my plan huh? hehehe... but when no.2 comes I think the plan might change again.

lay hoon: thanks for dropping by... this is one of the reason why I stop scrapbooking temporarily - to sort out what I plan to do in my life.

paik ling, jess: yes, with no regret... thanks ladies...

christene: that's what my mum told me too! Except studying in England... haha coz I'm not. Most of our parent value success in life = earn big money, they just don't understand how we feel... maybe this is the so-called generation gap?