Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When I think about retirement...

I hope I don't think like my parent. There is this tradition in chinese family that the parent will stay with the son when they are old and retired. It's the responsibility for the son to offer everything back to his parent in which my parent think my brother should do too.

I may have another different lifestyle and I prefer that I can work hard enough with my husband to acquire a small house for our own after we retire later without depending on our children. I found out it is quite interesting and glad that there are care homes in other countries such as United Kingdom. How I wish we have care homes in Malaysia to provide shelter and care for the elderly. It is very important that someone is willing to listen and care for the old group as they are unable to cope alone with daily chores and may need assistance from others.

If we ever have care homes in Malaysia, I will visit the old folks there and be a volunteer to help out. It's a good deed that you are still able to share out the love and at the same time offer help to the elderly.

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