Thursday, January 10, 2008

What do you think about casino?

Money? Gambling? Genting Highlands? Men in tuxedo and ladies in sexy evening wear? That's from James Bond movie series. Well, in Genting Highlands we have uncles in batik shirt and lots of aunties too... Don't get me wrong, I do not know how to play poker and not even know much about gamble. I just don't have the luck to play in casino. So, call me an idiot on this.

But do you know in order to play well in the casino you need to have very good calculation besides luck? Yes, I mean lots of mathematics and how many of you ever think that gambling is another method to train our brain to think faster and perform quick calculation? At least I think so and I do learn to play mahjung with my husband and my parent in law when I was pregnant in order to keep my brain think fast and solve complex calculations. It is said if the mother think harder and learn more new knowledge, the brain cells of the baby will develope even faster. Not sure how true it is but I did it. Alright, I exclude money rewards here as I never gamble with money before as you know... I just don't have the luck.

What if for those actual gambler who wish to play but not in the casino and doesn't have any companion? Today we have online casino that offers various type of gambling games. You will sure find the one that you are interested without leaving your home, for instance. This online casino do offer real money rewards if the player wins by playing through the monitor screen. How amazing! If you are interested you can just join in the fun and let me know if you ever win in online casino.

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