Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I signed up!

From day one I start to blog I was puzzled when the blogsphere is talking about PPP. Huh? What's that? Later I found out it's PayPerPost. What? Yes, it's the hot topic every blogger is talking about whereby blogger will get paid to blog.

I was wondering and reading all about this new opportunity that offer to blogger with much hesitation as I'm not so sure how to do it. First, I found it stressful to write paid post as I had heard there are time frame for you to complete a task to submit. Secondly, it's quite challenging as I need to squeeze my brain juice to come out with my own words or reviews about a particular item or topic... I got even more stressful when I think about this. Next, I think I'm not prepare to take up this new role even it promises some lucrative rewards later. Therefore, I was holding this idea until recently... well it's almost 9 months before I really decided to blog for money. Basically, this is how I feel about get paid to blog but once after you see the money deposited into your account, you will get more motivated and determined to snatch every opportunity that comes across! Trust me... haha!

After getting some advise and guides from experience blogger mummies, I finally signed up to kick start with blogging for money. Yes, it was tough at the beginning but when I get the hang of it, everything goes smoothly without any notice. I guess the first step is very important. If you never step out you won't know what will happen next.

You know I love scrapbooking and cloth diapering and it is quite expensive to buy imported items. Especially some specialty scrapbooking supplies which is uneasy to find in our local scrapbooking stores. Even if we do get it here, they are very expensive compare buying from overseas. Besides, I'm also planning to get a few pairs of wool longies with my money earn from the paid post. Therefore, most probably I'll use the money for online purchase. What will you do with the money you get from blogging?

So my friend, if you are reading this post, I think you also will be tempted to try out your luck in get paid to blog, aren't you? Hurry up, come and sign up today and start to see money rolling into your account!!!