Thursday, January 10, 2008

Formula Milk

We temporarily changed En En's milk to lactose-free milk and mummy didn't know any good lactose-free formula milk out there and ended up with Pedia Sure. Dr.Tan told us he won't recommend this milk to children as they normally won't switch back to their original milk. On top of that, this is the most expensive milk in the market. Imagine that... 1.8kg is more than MYR100 (am I right?)

Mummy and daddy tried on the milk as we are curious how come our little girl doesn't like it as she never finish them. Guess what... Pedia Sure in fact is the most yummy milk among all that we had tasted before and it is the sweetest too! No wonder, En En doesn't have sweet tooth and in fact she dislikes sweet taste. She even spit out the syrup medicine and therefore we need to dilute the medicine with water for every feed!

Come to think about it... En En helps us to save money indirectly... LOL!


jazzmint said...

wow pediasure so exp :S.....i thought enfa was already exp!!

V save me a lot of formula money cause bf for 1 year hehe

Mummy to QiQi said...

Sharine, my gal can hardly finish them too. As compare to other milk, Pediasure is more difficult to dilute and more thick (if u follow the scoop measurement). Therefore I dilute it a lil bit :)

Hey, do keep the scoop for redepmtion!

Giddy Tiger said...

Yes, I agree Pediasure sure tastes fantastic - like Vanilla milkshake actually. My son is on Pediasure because I wanted to give him the bets tasting milk in an effort to wean him off. Expensive never mind la, since he already saved me so much liao as I was breastfeeding exclusively till he was about 15 months! Still am, actually.

Angeleyes said...

Wah... very ex hor.
Well, Darrius is a tong sampah so whatever milk we fed him he sapu and his daddy never believe in expensive milk powder...

mybabybay said...

Emily is drinking soya milk. She is very fair, not sure whether it is the milk. I am also switching her to sustagen following the bro. She is ok with it.

Another benefit, soya milk rarely give allergy problem.

KittyCat said...

Yeah, Pediasure is the most expensive and a lot of parents go for it due to this. But it's not even milk! (read the ingredients)

Wai Mun said...

Hi Sharine, u can try the Isomil Plus Advance EyeQ, is soya based, lactose free soya milk. My bb has drunk it before, but expensive, so back to Enfa. Same company with pediasure. u can view their website:

slavemom said...

Hv never tried Pediasure b4. Might as well keep it that way, since it's so exp. As it is, at the rate Enfa milk price is going, we're sweating oredi. :p

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint: that's for sure becoz bm is priceless!!!

chinnee: yup, thanks for the reminder i do keep the scoop too.

giddy tiger: Wow... that sure burn big hole in the pocket. I'm giving it for temporarily only but en en doesn't seem like it coz it's sweet.

angeleyes: you lucky lorr... i do hope I have a tong sampah kid easier to feed... muahahahaha...

michelle & wai mun:
err... I try not to give soya milk as I did consult chinese sinseh before and was told en en is not suitable to take soya based food. i don't ut it out totally from her diet but just give her in minimum quantity.

kittycat: Huh? ok will revise the ingredient again.

slavemom: sweat no more... just change them to Aus or New Zealand's cow milk, namely Fernleaf, Nespray, Dutch Lady,... I plan to introduce En En to Nespray after the last tin of Gain plus, her initial milk after 1yo.

suiping said...

Question: How do you get babies to drink more milk? Is my daughter having enough? Should i try soy based milk?

My daughter is 13mos and she takes only 10-12oz a day and that is on a good day (usually 2-3oz every feed, 4oz if i am lucky); she's been like this since weaning her off BM. she's not yet underweight but definitely at the last 25 centile although she has reach all developmental milestones.

Weaning was difficult; she was very fussy and would only accept a lil Enfamil / Enfalac during this stage (weaning took 2months), however she fared better with Enfapro. She would guzzle down 5-6oz and sometimes even 7oz.

Over the last month, we switched her over to enfagrow and her milk intake has been steadily declining.I currently manage with additional cheese in her food, yakult yogurt drink; and occasionally top it off with vanilla ice cream.

Should i put her back on Enfapro? Should i try cold milk? and is pediasure really as good tasting as its tauted to be?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hi suiping, in fact you can always refer to your child's paed about your child's development milestone and growth. Well, for a 13months old, the intake is quite little but it's not anything wrong with the baby as long as she's not underweight. It's just quite rare. I guess maybe your baby refuse formula milk? It's wise to add cheese or other calcium rich food to the child's diet afterall milk becomes supplement when they can digest solid food. Any brand of formula milk is the same... choose the one that suit the child but not the one that got advertised heavily. My girl is taking Nespray 1+ now. I don't believe if they don't take advance milk like Enfa or Abbot they will be slower in learning.
Well, this is just my cents.