Monday, March 19, 2007


I feel happy and valuable if I got feedback from my music students. Most of them are little girls, always feel shy to talk to their teacher (I'm not fierce, but just look serious)and I try to talk to them in order to encourage them to talk back to me. Most of the time, younger ones are easier to sweet talk with... Ahah! They are also the group that are more playful and like to bargain with me if ask to complete their theory or do more practise. Weird! How come the younger ones are so good at working out with these tricks...
I did a replacement class for *Kathy and by a chance, I was assigned to be her music teacher starting this month. Kathy is 11 years old, a big girl who has better understanding. Just one class with her then I was told that she likes me and she understand more about what I taught her. She even requested to change teacher!!! What a surprise for me as I never thought that I will be good at teaching.
This appreciation from a little girl really encourage me and I feel it's worth for me to try out in education line.

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