Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby's Milestone

My little girl is a very busy fellow. She won't sit still or play the same toy for a long period of time. She is very active, and paed even labeled her as hyperactive but she's in fact a healthy baby who reached her development milestones as expected.
She started to respond to her name at 2 months plus; played with her hands & toes at 3 months; started body turning left and right in the end of her third month but turned up with tummy on at 5 months (she learnt to do that in 2 hours time, Wow!); first sitting & crawling session at 7 months plus and became very steady in just 1 week time; tends to stand at the end of 8 months and able to squad up and down as well as standing at 9 month. Right now at 10 months, she's trying to stand without holding anything even most of the time, she'll fall. She likes to push her walker and tends to stand up while she do the pushing. All of us afraid she might fell if the walker been push away but to our surprise, she just quickly squad down once the walker moves.
En En started to make sound at 3 months, called "papa" at 4 months plus, called "mama" at 7 months, always murmuring or shouting if she feels irritated and angry. Replicate her daddy's snore at 8 months old with her pacifier on. Every time we try to make her sleep by making the snoring sound, she will respond back the same thing plus a big smile.... For the past 2 weeks, she been making sounds of a tiger and mimic the sound of a dog barking!


jazzmint said...

haha snoring sound, must be a cute sight

Peridot&Sapphire said...

yeah... instead of sleeping together we end up laughing together! haha...