Friday, March 16, 2007

Welcome home!!

My daughter was back home from grandma's house yesterday. Hence, ended her trip in Alor Setar and quiet house been returned to my parent. From today onwards, En En's voice will fill the house and everyone will start to be busy serving our little princess again. Last night was a bit torture to me since I was "on holiday" for almost a month for care-free nights, now heading to sleepless nights .... all in all, she's not that difficult to handle but she used to scream a bit when she fall asleep which already turn into a habit.
I was working yesterday (of course, which day else that I do not need to work?)and felt so excited to see my little girl coming home. My heart already returned home when the clock strucked 5 in the evening and without saying a word, I quickly packed my stuff waiting to rush out.
Reached home around 6pm, little girl not in living hall and the house was quiet. Felt a little awkward since she's loves to make noise. Then, my father in law (FIL) told me mother in law (MIL) was bathing En En. Hubby even went home earlier than me, so eager to see the precious one. I called En En from downstairs and was told that she's seeking where am I. I went up and called her, she looked at me curiously and within second she smiled at me. Yes, she knows that mummy is home.
Looking at her feel contented, I think the same goes to my hubby even though he couldn't sleep well since day 1 En En came into our life. En En knows how to kiss someone she likes and the way she kiss is opening her mouth wide with saliva then press it against your cheek or nose! That is the move she does whenever we say "sayang"!!! Isn't she adorable?

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