Monday, March 12, 2007

Stress and Hypertension

People nowadays suffer pressure and stress from work. Do you ever imagine what happen to people who really stress out and never aware about their health? be really careful as this is a silent killer too... you or him or anyone around you could develope this disease. Prevention is always better than cure.
For a person who work for long hour under stressful environment should know about this. The heart muscle is working every single second to pump blood into the body. When a person is overstress and force the body to work, in long run maybe after a few years you will discover that you are more prompt to headache or migrain, sudden numbness of the body part, high blood pressure, heart palpitation and serious one will get stroke.
This happen to 2 of my close friend and family, they are not elderly but only in late twenty and early thirties. The cause of it is the stressful workload and unspeakable pressure developed from the workplace.
Both of them have thicker heart muscle compare to normal or healthy people. The thicker heart muscle caused the heart to work double or triple faster than normal people in order to deliver sufficient amount of blood into the body. In other words, it means the heart works more harder. To overcome this, one needs to learn to let go the stress, relax the mind and practise healthy living style and mindset.
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