Thursday, March 22, 2007


I never thought of writing blogs or journal can be so fun and creative. I think one must have time to do it and it is meant for people who are from SOHO group or who doesn't really work full time.
I was amazed by a group of FULL TIME WORKING MOTHERS who's been striving hard to take care of their children, have shifts work and outstation assignments, not to mention need to look after the olds or youngs in the family....and they have one thing in common - love blogging and some even have hobbies like doing handicraft, art works, origami, cooking and book scrapping! Wow! What type of decade we are in now?? Reading their blogs made me feel inspiring, more grateful to each day and full of confident. Maybe I'm more pessimistic and bad temper. Every mummies nowadays are supermums, lots of credits and salutes from me!
Today's motherhood is far more different from the old time. Up-to-date information and knowledge can be easily retrieve as long as you are connected online. I guess if I'm not in IT line, I may not know or miss the opportunity knowing all these supermums. Great respect goes to supermums who's multitasking and am really wonder how they are able to do so many things in just 24 hours given? I wish I could be one of those supermum one day but I think I'm just stepping in the beginning of my long journey.

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jazzmint said...

i'm sure u are one oso ;)...