Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Worry... coz it's near!!!

Since I started to continue back my music lesson, I regain joy and contentment. The feeling I searched back was already long lost for more than 10 years plus. Music is to enjoy!!! Unlike in western country, music is an enlightment, gift to life. Too bad in our society, it's part of an academic where parents force their children to learn at a very young age. The young one won't know what music is really for.
I understand the meaning of learning music at a later teenage life and now as a mother, I treasure every moments that I can play and involve with music. Right now since I need to sit for exam on this coming Monday, I have the fear coz I have not going for exam for a long time.
I guess I better go home and do the last revision and pray that the exam day will eventually over.

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