Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old Pals - Reconnected

Not sure how many of you still in contact with your primary and secondary schoolmates? As we aged, most of us already upgraded as parent, there is lesser and lesser time to do our own stuff which including catch up with old pals. In fact, this is not an interesting topic but I think I would like to update the reunion of my primary and secondary schoolmates.
Am quite amazed with today's communication tools... friendster, my space, a few online friendship or relationship searching tools, you name it. Got my hubby from Internet too... LOL... but any single lady out there please do not simply go out with stranger you meet through net. It's quite dangerous nowadays and I consider myself very lucky! Well, never underestimate the power of today's technology as I also found back my long lost primary schoolmates with the help of this high-tech information tools.
It is quite nice to reconnect back with old pals be them still staying next door or far away from reach. I even got myself a few pretty good net friends for the past few years when I was very active connecting to the virtual world. We share ups and downs of life, experiences from the day we were single till now, the parenting days. The best part is most of the time their email or messages really brighten up your day. I wish I'm able to keep in touch with all of them till the day I lose all my teeth, sitting on a rocking chair and able to realized that we never let go of anyone.


huisia said...

I still keeping in touch with my old friends..and i went for the 10 anniversary after graduation during cny too..that's great!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

good to hear that! in fact old time buddies are the most sincere and pure friendship in the world... cheers to our old buddies!

jazzmint said...

oo i miss my old frens too :)

Anonymous said...

i still keep in touch with old classmate.. but seldom see them any more.. all like.. here and there.