Monday, March 26, 2007

Hyperactive Baby

It's really difficult to recall how many times En En being falling... from bed, from unstable standing, from her non-stop moving body be it standing or sitting. She just starts to learn moving her steps but still can't really balance herself to walk.
Today, she fell again (Ouch!) and this time hitting the concrete floor, must be real painful. Pity her but she's just too active till everyone in the family are tired with her. She held on a big empty box which is a little shorter than her which we used as a divider to prevent her from crawling to the stairs. En En was so excited about the box and in fact felt irritated as the box blocked her way. She held on the box and made the box as a tool to assist her standing up. She never stand properly but instead move around while standing and pull the box towards her. Hah!!! Since the box is empty, her weight is more than the empty big box... so "TIMBER"!!!
Of course she cried out loud, it's really hurt and I got to apply oilment to the back of her head while she's sleeping. I hope she will learn the lesson and of course we are getting even more caution with whatever she's trying to do. I really afraid of this if it is to happen again. Cross finger, I wouldn't want any from now on.
p/s: Photos above taken during Chinese New Year 2007 - 9 months old.

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huisia said...

Oh,gosh,she must be very painful..i wonder when will kids really learn their lesson..:p