Friday, March 23, 2007

Why En En is naughty and yet cute?

1. She always pull away hanky from her neck if she refuse to take water or milk
2. She likes to use her walker as a bumper car to hit every corner in the house then will show her nasty smile when run away quickly after the hitting
3. She will place whatever toy she has on hand into the mouth and bite it while turning her head away if she refuse to eat
4. She will stop crying immediately and change to a loud laughing when you bring her to open the door and step out from the house (she's excited & cheering!)
5. She will stare at whoever is taking the door key and will be the one to rush to the door quickly be it in the walker or crawling
6. She is able to imitate whatever sound she had heard and noticed - since 6 months old she knows to make "burrr-burrr-burrr" sound by pushing the breath out from the mouth and turning her lips; at 10 months old, she is able to push her tongue towards the upper mouth to produce "tuck-tuck" sound.
7. She will respond us with the snoring sound if we use the snoring sound to make her sleep, which never successful
8. She started to make sigh* sound like "Hai...." or a deep breath out from nose since 3 months old. She still do this today if she feels boring
9. She will throw away toys or anything we give to her if she starts to nag and no longer want to stay in the highchair, walker or stroller. You give, she throws
10. She will "climb" up anyone's body by stepping on the tummy then chest when we hold her and won't stop turning left and right, up and down when she's in our arm (she's a super active worm!)
11. She will pull out her sock and talk non-stop like scolding us for putting on the sock for her and we end up only manage to make her wear the sock when she is sleeping
12. She needs at least two persons to change her diaper whereby one of us is responsible to entertain her like a monkey (Oh God!)
13. She is our "Candle Princess" (puteri lilin) who dislike the environment when it is warm or hot. She will be extremely happy to enter in air-con room with an "Ahh...." sound (she really knows how to enjoy life)
14. She can reply us with a fake smile or a fake laugh just to make us continue laughing (what a good pretender!)
15. She loves to slouch on daddy's big bolster and give you that lazy look
16. She will get a smooth surface toy on floor and place one of her hand on top of the toy then push the toy forward. The toy will move fast and she will crawl even faster with one hand on floor and the other continue pushing, just like surfing ... haha LOL!
17. She loves peek-a-boo and vigorous games, super hyperactive and playful and all of us need to think for new tactics to make her sit still and be quiet but not really all works. *Sigh*
18. She made her mummy decided to record down every detail movements and growing path no matter how busy the mummy is!


jazzmint said...

aiyo..that pic so cute LOL...

huisia said...

En En's eyes so round!! Cute indeed!

Jesslyn said...

If possible,please try to upload En En's latest photo here. I want to look at it, thank you!(",)

Angeleyes said...

Your little girl is so ute with her big eyes!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint, angeleyes & huisia: that's y peoppe keep on telling it's ok for En En to be notti coz she's cute! #@$%$#*

jesslyn: you can go to http://www.babysites/sites/enenlee lots there. I got problem online daytime and no pc at home, very inconvenient.