Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crazy Mama on-the-go!

Oh my... last weekend was interesting, En En got into the swimming pool (ok, it's babypool) for the first time and already recovered from her fever before she was able to play water in the pool. Thank God! Mummy caught flu after that... maybe virus from En En since woke up at 3am daily with En En for 1 week. Will blog this out later.

Ok, mummy got to admit neglecting the blog update due to sourcing for knitting materials and browsing lots of free knitting & crocheting pattern online. Mummy skipped lunch for a few days now coz realized time is so limited to slot in knitting session. Srapbooking temporarily give way, but still need to do searching to provide the buying list of scrapbooking items for daddy who's going to US soon. Yes, US is far more cheaper than here... will try to get some papers and hopefully a few supplies. Cross finger...

Guess what, I can't even believe I'm trying to knit while on the wheels! All this while, the most I did was reading magazine or newspaper, I just don't like to waste time for traffic jam or long waiting for traffic light to turn green. So just took out the needle and yarn in bag... luckily the waiting period is long - nearly 4/5 minutes. I'm still an almost-score-0 in knitting beginner, struggling so muh to get the correct stitch... and was so happy that I manage to do casting on, even it's just one stitch! I hope the driver besides me didn't see what I was doing... haha! I'm another crazy mama on the go.


Bryan's Mama said...

wah...knitting behind the wheel? talk about multi-tasking. just be careful ok??

mybabybay said...

I bet you have a long shopping list for him. :P