Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TAG: 8 random facts about my mum

Tag even for my MUM??!! Got this from this mama and well... I guess all of us do have memories about our mama, it's a good way to journal it down.

1. My mum married young and she regretted being not able to further her study because her family were poor. Therefore, since young I already know I must study hard in order to further my education in university and become a working lady which I did. If not because of her encouragement, I won't excel and discover my abilities in academic and sport. I represented Malaysia in SEA Games before :wink:

2. My mum has a body to die for even after she delivered 4 babies. It's hour glass shape figure up till today! Boy... I'm so ashame when standing besides her and people always said we are like sisters. Oh ya... she will be 50 next year.

3. She is the shortest in the family and it's hard to believe my younger brother who is 6 feet tall is her son... haha!

4. She is a great helper and assistant for my dad when they were in textile business. She can sew and manage business very well with my dad. We have lots of sewn clothing such as bedsheets, blanket, pillow casing, curtain, hanky, pyjamas, bags and so much more that are exclusively homely made. I still have a few with me and they are still in use.

5. She is one of the old fashion thinking mum which insist on old costume to be practised in the family. She is more superticious than my MIL who is almost 15 years older than her... haha! When we ask her why this why that, she will tell us: "go study more, you'll know this when you grow up!" Yes, and thanks for her advice we are now able to recognise facst and mysts. Haha....LOL

6. She is one excellent confinement lady (CL)and nanny but she's not doing this as her business. When I delivered En En, my mum became my CL (unplanned one) for some emergency reason. I never doubt about her capabilities and strange enough every babies that cry non-stop and giving hard time for their parents, will be very easy to handle when handed over into my mum's arm. My aunt's and uncle's babies were sent back to Alor Setar for 1 or 2 months stay with my mum and most of the time, they will become calmer babies. Amazing!

7. She's keen in learning new things regardless of age. She is learning to use computer & email and still think big about her dream... she wish to be financially independant after being SAHM for so long. She is one of the active member of my uncle's company now.

8. She loves and cares for her family members even my aunties and uncle are living apart from her. She will try to help if she can probably because she's already doing this since she was 9 years old after losing my grandfather. Being the eldest daughter, she is like half parent to her siblings.

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allthingspurple said...

yea, isnt it amazing how women from our mothers' time always have such great figures? put us to shame, literally !!