Thursday, September 27, 2007

Learn to Talk... More...

Nowadays, En En loves to imitate what we say and she will try her best to get the pronunciation by following what we told her. She is a very observative and fast learner toddler, whenever we talk about her, about her attitude or the words she said, she will do/say it again in front of everyone promptly. She responds very fast.

CASE 1:-
This is the conversation between grandma and mummy:

Grandma :"En En was very naughty today. She tried to play with the power socket to try switching on the TV. So, we scolded her and gave her fierce face look. "

En En was playing with her toy when mummy and grandma were having this conversation.

Grandma :" En En still not scare and eventually Ah Mah had to scolde her in a higer voice tone then she stood still there, making funny faces to us and hoping that we will laugh at her."

This little fella is so cheeky and she tried to make fun of herself to redirect people's anger and forget that she's being naughty. At this time when mummy looked at En En, she was doing wink wink (open & close the eyes rapidly) with mummy. Mummy felt abit funny and nearly laugh out. yeah, now mummy know how the situation was previously.

Grandma :"Then Ah Kong asked En En to kiss him and Ah Mah to show that En En is good girl. She quickly ran to Ah Kong and gave him a kiss; then she came to me and kissed me. You guess what she said after the kiss?"

En En was doing smooches *Muak... muak...* when grandma was telling mummy at the same time!

Mummy :"What did En En say?"

Grandma :"After she kissed me, she said Ou-Kay, Ou-Kay (OK) means no more angry after one kiss! I can't help and laughed out loud with Ah Kong..."

En En was saying Ou-Kay... Ou-Kay... right after we talked about it.

Case 2:-
Just now mummy showed En En cards with different colours and teach her to tell the colours. This is the first time I received so fast nearly accurate pronunciation from En En. It's so cute, wish I recorded down. Very well done for her first trial.

Purple - she said it as "per-ple" and continue saying that repeatedly
Red - she said "ed"
Blue - she pronunced as "bu"
Black - she said "ack" without the "bl-"
Pink - "ping"

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slavemom said...

En En so clever one. Well done!