Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Mobile Phone

Can you see I got one cool mobile phone with me? (yes, mummy know that)

It was once belongs to Ah Mah but don't know why after sometimes it becomes mine. (you spoiled it already)

I like this phone coz it simply looks cool and I can flip, flip, flip the cover! (that's how it's been destroyed)

I just can't figure out why daddy's and mummy's one got light and pictures when I hit the button but mine just look dark all time?? (spoiled already and no battery)

I love to use this phone to call Papa and po po in Alor Setar because after I called them, they will come afterwards. (we planned out one)

I started not so keen on my mobile phone anymore because recently I discovered the big phone on the table! (Nah... this one is not your toy, mummy will think of a way not to let you go near the table anymore)


Mummy to QiQi said...

kids are smart. they dont want the toy phone even it *toots*, they want the REAL phones we are using!

slavemom said...

It's jes a matter of time b4 she gets bored playing with her dark n quiet fon. Watch out.. she'll soon target mummy n daddy's 'fun' fon.