Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life Without A Camera

Mummy always use pe pe (my BIL)'s SLR to take photos. Even mummy is just a normal user as mummy never explore about SLR... too lazy to do that. Recently found out it's not much of fun without a camera. Why? Unable to take pictures. The Nikon SLR has been "sick" for 1 week already and pe pe is busy with work. Therefore, no one is sending the camera to "hospital".

Well, it's not really necessary to have a camera but mummy missed a few special shots. Talking about that... hmm... the knitted wool soaker already completed. Credit goes to Ah Mah coz mummy only knited maybe 20% of the soaker? Ah Mah can't wait for mummy's progress and finished the knitting the wool soaker 3 days ago. Thanks alot for MIL's help. Mummy is unable to snap the photo of the soaker. Even so, it really looks cute and special... haha!

Oh yes, we finally gave En En a hair cut. Ah Mah is the hairdresser for En En. Since En En is very easily to sweat, dislike hot weather (imagine she can sweat even sleeping in the air-con room!) and refuse for anyone to tie her hair so we gave her a boy-cut look. Again... no pictures to show *Sigh*. She looks simply handsome! LOL... Mummy wear En En in pants and shirts, people will surely be mistaken that she'a a boy boy! How mummy wish to show En En's new look in the blog. Will find a way soon...


Bryan's Mama said...

go invest in a basic camera - not too expensive these days then can snap photos of en en anytime!

slavemom said...

Yeah.. camera's a must-hv equipment for bloggers. :) Same here.. CE oso sweat a lot sleeping in air-cond room. Most days, I've to change his top in his sleep... too wet oredi.