Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Clever Girl

Nowadays, En En able to tell us which one belongs to who of anything in the house. She developes good recognization and identifying ability and I was shock when she's able to point and say it out loud!

One evening after work I brought En En to see my maid collects all the dry clothes at the back of the house. My maid simply show En En her own clothes and asked (in Malay):"En En, ini baju siapa? (whose clothes is this?)" I thought En En not able to tell but to my surprise she said: "Baby!" She is referring to herself as baby most of the time. Then my maid showed En En her own (my maid's own) clothes and asked her again whose clothes is it, En En replied: "Kakak!" Oh my god! En En is only 16 months old and she's able to tell that!

Today, MIL show En En our cups. Each of us use our own cup and guess what? En En is able to tell and point to which cups belongs to daddy, mummy, Ah Kong, Ah Mah and pe pe (my BIL)! Amazing... as we never teach her before, the same goes to our shoes too! That prooves this little fella is observing all the time eventhough she never mention or tell anything but she is aware! Got to be more careful about words and actions that we do and say as it really will influence little one very fast!


Lian said...

Yes, must never underestimate their ability. I'm sure she has many more surprises up her sleeves.

angiepoo said...

Helo.. I have to agree a lot that children now a days are very bright and smart. They are able to learn through observation even we did not teach them specific things, they actually understand the non-verbal communication as well. :)

jazzmint said...

she's so clever ;)

mybabybay said...

Hey that's how Emily learn how to call mummy. One day I was folding my laundary, she told me this one is mummy's. *shock*

slavemom said...

Wah.. En En vy clever leh. Can say so many words oredi. Good observation, girl! *clap hands*

shooi said...

hihi...thanks for dropping by my blog and saying helo. Sorry, i was in meeting all day yesterday and wasn't home till late last night. Did not have time to approve your comment until this morning.

Sure, i would LOVE to meet you and get any tips from you on C Diapering...i am jsut beginning :)

Mummy to QiQi said... time En En can help keep all the things in house back to their place ;p