Monday, September 10, 2007

"Pa-Mi-Kong", "Mah-Mi-Kong"

En En lately like to play with her varbal ability. Guess what she's saying with the above?

Pa - papa
Mi - mummy
Kong - Ah Kong
Mah - Ah Mah

She just loves to play with these words as though she's singing. She is now able to call everyone of us correctly with nearly 95% accuracy on pronounciation. Including "pe-pe" - my BIL, "ku-ku" - my SIL, "yi-yee" - my younger sisters.

Mummy discovered she calls "Happy!" The name of a dog behind our house, that belongs to a neighbour. Every late afternoon, En En will ask us to bring her to the kitchen and she will stand near the window to see Happy. She just know that Happy will be there with the maid (the neighbour's maid) and never miss single day for that. Well, guess she's another dog lover.


mybabybay said...

Are you cantonese? I guess you will be teaching her cantonese right?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

mihelle: I'm Hakka and DH is penang Hokkien...hehe... no cantonese... and I will teach en en more on English since that will be easier for me to teach her musi later on. Oh... BTW, her mother tongue is mandarin.