Sunday, April 1, 2007

Baby In Carseat, Finally!

Yesterday was an adventurous day for En En, first time ever sitting in the car seat and she seems happy. She was going "kai kai" with mummy - to the clinic. She refuses to take water and reduce milk intake for the past few days and nobody can tell what's wrong with her. So, since yesterday was a public holiday mummy decided to try out the car seat with En En. After diagnosed, she's having a mild throat infection, all red throat but still able to screams and yells. That's why nobody suspect she's sick... a real stubborn egg!!
Brought her to visit doctor around 10am, distance is just 10 minutes away from home. Her eyes glued to the outside world of the car as the car seat is placed besides driver seat, at the front! Yahoo... guess she must be waiting for this day for too long, a wide and nice view from the car! To my surprise En En never fuss, never make noise when I striped on the safety belt on her. Normally she will refuse people to "tie" her up at one place, for example: her walker and highchair.
After lunch we went to do some groceries shopping with En En too. Second time, putting her in the car seat. Still no problem and she even never sleep though both eyes already red and supposed to be sleepy with the medicine given by doctor (who claim that the medicine will make her sleep). En En gave us sleepy look, but her eyes just wouldn't want to close... perhaps the world outside the car is more attractive, she wants to enjoy the new discovery first.
Traffic was heavy during noon time and it was raining. En En found that it;s boring since the car moved very slow and in one and firty five minutes, she started to show uneasiness in her car seat. Well, doctor advised to avoid her from screaming too much as this will further hurt her throat so once she started to make noise, MIL already got her to the back seat with daddy. So, everyone was pleased with En En patient this time since it's the first time she's in the car seat. Should give her credits!
Well, mummy is way too busy to paln for what toys and books that should be kept in the car as ned to train her to sit and sleep in the car seat too. Of course it will take time and feel great coz everyone in the family is supporting the idea of trainig En En to stay longer in the car seat.


huisia said...

She must be very happy during her car rode!

jazzmint said...

hope she gets well soon

Vivianz said...

Ahh, lucky you... My baby will scream and scream and scream in the car seat until I took her out. But the thing is I put her at the back alone because my front seat got air bag, not so safe afterall.