Sunday, April 15, 2007

En En is 11 months old today & speaks a lot!

Yesterday visited En En in Alor Setar with my PIL. I just came back from Redang Island trip on Friday night, a real excited experience trip and was getting abit of sunburnt skin. Thank God En En still can recognise me.... hehe...
En En was looking for daddy when she saw all of us suddenly shown up at my mother's house in Alor Setar. She realised that "Ah Kong" (grandpa), "Ah Mah"(grandma) and mummy is here but she still searching and looking around us for her daddy as she keeps on saying "papa", "papa". Daddy was on his way to US yesterday, dropped him at the airport yesterday morning before we headed to Alor Setar.
We only can told En En that daddy was away for work. She's growing taller abit since last week when I first let her stay with "po po" (my mother). We teaches En En to call daddy's father and mother as "Ah Kong" & "Ah Mah"; mummy's father and mother as "Gong Gong" & "Po Po" (in mandarin). So,she's very fast in recognising everyone of us.
We was surprised that she knows how to pronouced a lot of words now. She held her little ball and shown to us saying "ball"; pointed to the banana pictures and said either "na-na" or "ba-na"! Haha... very cute. She's able to call "po po" but very softly. MIL told me before this En En did quarrel with her! That was when En En was trying to use her little finger to touch the TV, MIL beated her hand softly and said cannot play that. En En sat back on floor, never cry but shouted back (no one understand what she's talking about) her grandma fiercely too... haha! Everyone felt so funny about her reaction and suddenly all laughed. En En also turned out to be laughing together too. Well, she is just too cheeky. Even when she's on pacifier, she will take out the pacifier and talks what she wants to talk though sometimes it's just to shout at us. After that she will put back her pacifier into her mouth again.
Before we left late afternoon, I was packing my bag as I was bringing back some magazines and En En observed what I was doing. Suddenly she became so clingy on me and refused to get down from my body. We guessed that she knew we were leaving soon and it's true that she knew about our leaving. Not because she wants to go back Penang but she wants to follow for "kai-kai"!

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huisia said...

Woo..that's so fast to start talking at such a young age! Bravo to En En!