Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby Cot

Don't really think En En like to stay in baby cot. I only put her in baby cot when she's 8 or 9 months old as before this we never have one at home and don't ever think we need one.
The cot was delivered from KL, it's my younger cousin brother's cot. He's 6 years old. My auntie said they won't be using anymore so it's a free gift. :O)
En En only will stay in longest 15 minutes and when sheis in good mood then maybe longer. It's useful when I want to make milk to her at night when she's still awake coz she will be crawling here and there, up and down, pull things down... and so on so on.... so 100% safe when she's in the cot!


huisia said...

agree,putting baby in baby cot always safer than let her crawls everywhere.

Sandra@miabambina said...

Hi there, cute baby your daughter.
My dd also doesn't like to stay in her cot for too long!