Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Difficult baby.... & new learning milestone

En En is recovering from sore throat and we are having a real difficult time in feeding her these few days. This baby is hard to please and always want to go kai-kai whenever she feels fuss. She will turn away when refuse to eat and we have to use various toys to attract her so that she will be able to finish the meal. I know it's a bad habit but that's the only solution that works so far. Or bring her out from the house to take a walk. She even started to say "dai-dai" 2 months back.
Yesterday was the most terrible day till I was so tired to record what had happened. Basically it's a bad day for En En as she screamed, yelled, frustrated, crankier more than ever! The whole day without milk intake and feeding time was like a war. I feed her milk until myself also feel "geram"!!! But still have to force myself to be PATIENT. Sometimes she can be very cheeky, she will pretend coughing non-stop even there's no liquid been offer into her mouth!
Right now, it's impossible to let En En sit in her walker and highchair as she will cross her legs or open wide enough so that we are unable to put her in, the whole day she was like a glue to MIL, refuse to crawl or sit but wants to be held. Maybe because she not feeling well, so let her "manja"a bit. Haiyo.... why suddenly becomes so sticky?
Today, she also tried to be the glue on my body but after I hug her, she crawled away quickly to play on her own (not long, only 5-10 minutes). Today I discovered that her right front tooth already sprouting out and she still used to bite the glass table, plastic pail, remote control and whatever toys that are more solid and firm. I think it could be the painful feeling that made En En refuse to suck from bottle.
Today as well, En En already know where are the eyes, nose, mouth and ear. New tactics!! She will use her pointer (2nd) finger to point at someone, something and so on. This little act is very cute as most the time, she will point to the door to tell us that she wants to go out; points to daddy, grandma and grandpa with her little finger.
En En loves to play with my hair, in fact she loves to pull! She will be laughing non-stop if I continue to play with her, yes with my hair! What a cheeky & playful baby!


huisia said...

So when she points to door means she wants to go kai kai lo..

Anonymous said...

oh ... sort throat.. sorry to hear bout tht. Imagine.. bb cant tell us..wht they want.. sad to know.. hope she get well soon.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

huisia: yes
nicole: thanks, she already fully recovered.