Monday, April 16, 2007

My Little Girl's Favourite Tee

It's not En En's tee, it's mummy's! Since En En was 3 months old she's been excited and happy to see this t-shirt when I wear it on. Guess the cute little birds attracted her and whenever she's in bad mood, mummy always try to get this tee and wear on. This will distract her and occupy some of her times as she's trying to explore her little friends in tee no matter she was crying or fussing. En En will stop whatever she's doing and come close to mummy when I show up with her little firneds. En En will crawl up mummy's body and use her little finger to point to each of her cute little friends.
This tee aged more than 12 years, it's a gift from my ex-wushu team-mate who's been to Asian Games in 1994. I never been to Asian Games but SEA Game in 1997 and never have such a cute tee then. If look closely, the edge of the tee already turn yellowish. Don't know how long I still can keep it but for sure this is En En earliest favourite item!

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