Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cloth Diaper

Been exploring better option for diapering En En and spent quite a lot on disposable diaper till today. Never think of the disadvantages of disposable as it is very popular nowadays, every babies is wearing them everywhere. So, I think it’s already a market trend and it is just ease for today modern living style if compare to old cloth diapering. In fact, disposable diaper is made of chemical stuff.
Then, a mummy I met through mybabybay forum first mentioned about cloth diaper and it even have online store! Being curious and wondering what is so special about cloth diaper, I visited Mia Bambina - an online cloth-diapering store. All I know about cloth diaper is the usual flat white cotton cloth that used to cover baby’s bum with pin.
To my surprise, we already had an evolution for todays clothe diapering! There’s no longer a need for pins and flat cotton cloth, which our mother and grandma used to have. Now we have exactly the same concept as disposable, a cloth diaper that act the same as disposable but with insert for higher absorbency. The cloth diaper can even use for overnight! That is truly amazing!!!
Can’t wait to try this on En En as it is more economical since it is reusable and no more chemical smell as the one I got from disposable. And I did, but I think there’s some allergy reaction on her and I stop temporarily. I still like the concept of today’s cloth diapering and guess I will find out more on the one that suit my baby most.

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