Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Real Life Hyperactive Kid - Part I

Never really come across a real hyperactive children. Today, I finally have a new student who is real active one. Not sure whether he's hyper- or not coz uncertain on the medical terminology about hyperactive.
He is almost 6 years old, today is the first day for lesson. Before we started, I noticed this little boy is moving here and there non-stop even when talking with the parent who are sitting. The way he carry himself really remind me of my little En En. Hmmm.... I wonder my little princess can grow up like this active boy? If this is true I believe everyone taking care of her will be extremely exhausted.
The parent and grandma of Andrew was with him for his first lesson and they even informed me that it will be a great challenge to teach this child. Maybe first day he behaved quite alright but I know there are more to come later.
It's not easy to get further explaination on Hyperactive symptoms online, as I would said it's limited or I'm not good enough at searching??!! Found some definition of Hyperactive - Attention-Deficit-Disorder-Hyperactivity (ADDH)in year 1980 by american Psychiatric Association. Hyperactive chilren are significantly more reactive to environmental stimulation. Wow... sounds very scary as many children also reactive to environemntal stimulation... well, I think I should do some study on this topic as I also read about boys are in higher tendency to become hyperactive than girls from a research. Really need to get some information from my younger sis who intended to do her child physcology study in near future.

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huisia said...

i don't have much info about how hyperactive kids look like, but i know they need medicine everytime and can't take sweet things as sweetiness make them even more active.