Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Redang Island Trip

This is a backdated post.
The trip to Redang Island was a great experience that I was long for - yup, for snorkeling in fact! LOL.... I thought I won't have the chance to try out snorkeling after I have En En and furthermore daddy is not interested in water sports. I'm lucky since company trip destination was heaven for sea and beach lover like Me!!!
We took bus from Penang at 11pm and arrived at Merang jetty in Terengganu at 6am! Gosh... the boat transfer service only start operating at 9.30am. Everyone was sleepy with tired-looking face. The surrounding was silent and dark, it's a kampung area. Had our breakfast at a small local Malay stall - typical nasi lemak.
About 9.45am, we were all on the boat way to the island. The boat is bigger than the boat we used to take from Penang to Langkawi. The wave really made us felt like sitting in the rocking cradle. Initially was a bit scared since it's been quite a long time never take boat but later I just felt so nice to sleep. The sea colour is so blue and nice... it's really a breathtaking scene.
The boat trip was about 45-50 minutes. We were given a welcome speech by the resort's person in charge before headed to the main lobby. The funny part is the place we departed from the boat was the back of the resort and when we walked to the lobby, you can see the Mo Mo Tea Inn - the shooting location of the movie "Summer Mo Mo Tea" (forgot the real movie name, this is the translation from Mandarin title :OP )starred by Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren. Should pay a visit here; unpolluted sea with crystal clear water; the breeze and the scenery... you will believe you are in paradise! I realized this is a great place for family vacation as alot of families were here for holidays with little children.
We had lunch at 12pm then gathered again for renting snorkeling gear at 2pm. Around 2.30pm we were all on the boat again to the Marine Park to swim together with colourful fish. Yes, it's hot but the sunlight in fact beautify the living habitat under the water.
On second day, we were taken to visit another island but we were not allowed to swim near the beach as that is the delivery hospital for turtle. Too bad, didn't see any turtle but managed to swim beside Nemo! The garden under the sea is even prettier than the Marine Park and it was really a great place to see different types of corals. Well, it was quite exhausted as we went snorkeling in the morning and afternoon. We still manage to played beach volleyball and took photos of fish nearby the seaside. A real worth trip with eye-opening events in the sea everyday.
Afterall, vacation is meant for relaxing your body and mind and enjoy as much as you can! Maybe will plan a trip with daddy for Samui Island....


Chee Hoong said...

Not that daddy not interested in water sports.....he don't know how to swim !!! Muahahaha

Peridot&Sapphire said...

ya lorr.... so indirectly not interested.