Thursday, April 26, 2007

Childhood Hobbies

Since daddy never wants to involve in this blogging thingy (I created this together with him but he only has interest to read) mummy is going to blog about daddy’s hobbies so that my children will understand more about how precious daddy’s hobbies are. Mummy really salute daddy.
When mummy first met with daddy, mummy never know that daddy has so many special hobbies. Ok, let me introduce daddy’s childhood hobbies that are still carry on even until today.

Daddy - Childhood-nowadays hobbies:
1) Old Coins – this one I was quite shock when I first knew coz to me it’s a hobby for elderly.
2) Comics – Favourite are comics from HK artist, Marvel, DC, Japanese animation are also some of his favourite. Used to have a big box of comics book but already donated out.
3) Dinosaurs – He can talk about dinosaur for the whole day and he has encyclopedia as well as CD collection of dinosaur series.
4) Cartoons – Any type of cartoons will make him glue on the sofa. Prefer Disney.
5) Kung Fu freak – theory and practical, can’t beat him.

Recently, daddy has growing interest on new items:

1) Gemstone – this one mummy also explore with daddy and grandma when preggy with En En and learn quite a lot from reading and surveys we do together. Daddy likes Sapphire and mummy like Peridot & Tourmaline.
2) Chinese Tea – not the normal type but it’s sold in pieces and quite costly.

Mummy - Childhood-nowadays hobbies:
1) Piano Music – started at 4 but stop at 6; then continue again at 11 then stop at 16; continue again at 26. If I’m not interested, I don’t think I’ll continue again
2) Nutrition & Health – won’t miss reading every bit of the information that I come across and was determined to become a nutritionist but it just doesn’t happen.
3) Keeping old mag & newspaper – especially those with nice pictures and writing
4) Cartoons – Especially from Disney, determine to get all the cartoon movies collection.
5) Kung Fu freak too! – Theory is there but practical only good for performance since I was a national wushu exponent before… haha!

Latest hobbies:

1) Gemstone – it’s great to have something similar to do with my partner
2) Crochet – learned from grandma but this really takes time as I have lots of unfinished projects
3) Photography – inspired by En En since she’s so cute
4) Bookscrapping (w/wo digital)- have idea on what to do but never start on anything yet.

On top of all, daddy’s top hobby is collecting old coins and daddy determined to pass this on to our children and grandchildren, if possible. Mummy know mummy can’t live without music. If we were living oversea, most probably daddy will be an archeologist and mummy will either be a musician or a nutritionist.

Been influenced by daddy, right now mummy also have a passion on old coins indirectly whereby mummy will keep coins that’s aged more than 20 years. Mummy know when it is passed to my children, it will have more sentimental value.


Paik Ling said... many hobbies. Good on you!! My only hobby now is sleeping since not enough of it these days LOL

jazzmint said...

haha..coins are old man hobby agree with u :P

hey, my DH oso loves tea...see my collection of tea at home can faint!! next time come kl, lemme know, come my house yum cha ;)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

phaik ling: I think 24hours per day for me also not enough liao since I'm so greedy... LOL

jazzmint: no problem... I guess my DH will talk non-stop about the tea if bump into your DH... haha!

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