Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Obssession of Skin Care...and Cosmetics

Can't really recall since when I'm addicted to skincare and cosmetic products. I really search and survey every brands in the market and even wish that there is a website that make comparison and evaluation towards the effectiveness of those skincare on shelves. I'm not interested to be a sales person for this but I wish that I can be a wise consumer since every new product launching there are so many claims saying "mine is better, the rest in the market is outdated!"
Good news is I finally found this website 2 years ago and then after my buying guide for skincare and cosmetic is based from the research and evaluation from Everyone has different views towards the goodness of a skincare product but I realized it is true that expensive department store skincare item is not always the best. Go read the review and you will find out more.
I like this website because it shows you how to interpret the ingredients of the product. Turn over the product box and what we always see is a list of god-know chemical names which us, as a normal consumer has no idea about. In fact, I did try out some skin care products and cosmetics recommended from the website, be it from the drugstore or department store and found out the results are very impressive. Well, that was before I got marry and still got some spare money on hand to spend. LOL....
Right now, I slowly switch to drugstore products for skin care and cosmetic but there are alot very well formulated drugstore skincare only available in US. *Sigh* Oh yes, I mix brands and it turns out nothing wrong with this, my skin still as beautiful as before.... haha! I don't believe in using a set of same line/range skincare.
So, whenever CK has business trip to US, I'm sure will provide him my wish-list. Today I received a few SMS from my hubby who's now in Arizona and unable to find Neutrogena's item! Well, in Malaysia we only have limited range of Neutrogena products but in fact it carries the best basic face and sun care product. Yes, only can get in US... so sad. Wish I were there and I think I'll buy the whole shop.... haha!!! (Joking coz I'm broke now - approching end of month)


Tutiger said...

Are Neutrogena running out on the stores? You can try CVS and Walgreens...... they are easier to find than Walmart or K-Mart. But look out for their coupons when you enter

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hubby got it from Target at last... he made so many rounds in the Shopping Park and went to 6 malls.... Wow, he suddenly became a shopping-dad in Arizona.