Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old Sewing Machine

Suddenly feel so regret of not knowing how to use a sewing machine. It's alright for other people but not me! My family was in textile business and my mum is a very good in sewing. We have electric sewing machine back home and that was bought for business purpose too. Nowadays since my dad decided to stop the business, they sold off a few good condition sewing machines.
After I married to Penang, I never touch any sewing machine. In fact, I seldom do that even back home. So feel so bad about it since my mum and my MIL also good in sewing with sewing machine. I think a mother should know how to use the sewing machine if there's one ready at home.
Right now, what I have at home in Penang is an antique sewing machine. MIL still take care of it very well and it's still in top condition. Yup, the type that you need to use your legs to move one.
Today I finally determined to learn using the sewing machine that my MIL is using all these while and found out it's not really that difficult. I guess I'll go back and ask from my mum on more sewing skills coz I remember she saw lots of clothes goodies for me and my sisters especially pretty bags and house-hold items which made of cloths.


huisia said...

my mother good in sewing too and she keeps her sewing machine (exactly like yours) in very good condition..when we're back to Sabah, my son always likes to go down the pedal part and act like driving car.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

If got free time, can learn up coz it's a good skill to have. I guess our mum will be happy to know that we are willing to learn from them. :O)

jazzmint said...

wah wah..this one really old koo tong..i oso got one in my old house

Wen said...

my MIL also has the same sewing machine as ur MIL, also in gd condition and she can sew too, i have thot of getting the electric, modern sewing machine to learn how to sew, but it seems tough for me, esp the benang benang has to go here and there..tend to forget..