Monday, October 1, 2007

How to teach 2-3 years old music?

Anyone know how to teach a 2 or 3 years old children music? I have a 3 years old student recently. This is my first time having such a young age student. Having headache and start to wonder why nowadays parent send their toddler to music lesson when the child is still learning to talk!!?? Kiasu syndrome??

Personally, I think it's not necessary and it's just too early. Unless you don't mind spending earlier. By the way, I'm refering to one to one teaching method. Children at this young age need to get active and is curious about their surroundings. They have very short concentration period. I do not know how others think, even one day if I think En En is talented in music and show interest in it,(in fact, she is!) I'll just start to introduce her different sounds and enjoy first. Yes, switch on the radio and dance together. That's how they learn to respond with music. Anything in the house can become the music instrument such as the milk powder tin, wooden chopstick to hit together or hit on the tin, any ordinary household item that is safe for use on toddler. Mind you, we even let En En use 2 of the cup covers which is made of stainless steel as cymbal. Suitable for her little hands too! Let them know how we get the sound and build up the beat.

Basic requirements for a student to attend a specific musical instrument class:
1) Able to read and write ABC and 123, basically knows all the alphabets.
2) Able to do simple calculation, this is for beats counting purpose.
3) Able to understand simple instructions. Can you assure that 3 years old will understand what is tone or rhythm?
4) Able to concentrate longer. Young children is easily get drifted away by things and environments that's why it's kind of difficult to get their cooperation.
5) Able to follow/perform the beats counting as music is all about correct beats and tempo. So, start to train your little one in counting beats by hand clapping with nursery rhyme.

I might be updating this topic in the future if I come across any new ideas in teaching the little one music. One more thing before I forget, involve them in a small group as they all love having fun together. It's not suppose to be a serious class, it's a playful moment!

So, what do you think and what is your suggestions?


Wen said...

i want to enroll Iris in Musikgarten or Kindermusik and its only for 3-45 min. the only thing that holds me on is i have to run around with her. very tiring..

Jess said...

I sent my kids (age 5 and 3) to yamaha music kids. so far i found the lessons very interesting. either one parent have to accompany for the one hour lesson. i find it good as we know what they are learning and whether they are learning or not :)
both also involve electronic keyboards where 5 years old learn to play with the music notes while 3 years old learn to play the keyboard creating sound effects. interesting...

Bryan's Mama said...

I take Bryan for his 30min music class at my cousin's music school. Actually it is called "Music & Movement". We play percussions using everyday objects and have fun creating a ruckus! I personally enjoy it very much, and I think Bryan does too!

jazzmint said...

agree with u...if they are too young and don't know how to read and count, it's pertty hard..probably just music without instrument?

mybabybay said...

At 2-3, more like babysitting than music lesson. :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

My gal now attends musical movement class at the age of 3. It is more fun where they play (with balls, dance with scarf, little instruments) and react to the music. I heard it is a good foundation for their early learning in music before they start on with their piano and violin class.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wen, jess: Musikgarten & Yamaha music kids are good for younger children. Parent should follow and participate in it as we also able to enjoy with them.

bryan's mama & chinnee: so both of you ever meet at music & movement??

jazmint: and counting too!

michelle: yes... exactly!

Pamela Nickens said...

You can encourage your kids to attend in any music education classes or sessions. This will help them to become aware in music.