Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Favourite Song

Mummy wish to record down your favourite song of the moment. Not nursery rhymes or children songs... it's the OGAWA's advertisement song - Close To You by a taiwanese singer Chow Wah Kin!

Your eyes will glue to the TV once you hear the song and stay still till the advertisement finish no matter what you are doing before this. This original song is from The Carpenters but somehow been modified for OGAWA's advertisement and the taiwanese singer was chosen to be their spokeperson. Therefore, you'll always see a guy with a guitar singing in the advertisement.

En En really knows how to enjoy nice song!


wen said...

en en a potential singer..

slavemom said...

I like to see (hear, actually) that ad too. CE's current fav is the tune "Adonis.. ai mei ya". He'll smile when he hears that.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wen: she never sings la... perhaps a potential composer... haha!

slavemom: isn't they are cute? :)

Bryan's Mama said...

haha .....very amazing how they get glued to a particular song