Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mirror... mirror... on the??

Oh, it's on the wardrobe door. The full length mirror which is now become En En's favourite hang out place before bedtime, after bath or just simply loitering around there.

En En started to attrack to the mirror when she saw herself in there and right away she shouted: "Ba-bie!" She talks to the baby in the mirror, when mummy told her to kiss the baby, she did right away. So, mummy got to wipe the mirror after she sleeps since it will full of her saliva. Yucks~ She just love the mirror and will be so happy if we praise the baby in the mirror is so pretty. Now, every night, she will open the wardrobe door by herself when she feels bored in the room and enjoy herself.

When she refuse to wear clothes after bath, mummy or Ah Mah will bring her to the mirror & tell her shame shame and show her that she's topless or point to her bum! Haha... If she's without a top, she will yells and if she's without any diaper she will pull her shirt to cover the important part while watching the mirror... *roll eyes*

One of our weapon to calm En En when she's crying or become cranky is to bring her to the front of the mirror and tell her to look at the baby who is crying. Strange enough when she sees herself, she will turn to laugh. Weird baby!


jazzmint said...

kids love the mirror. mine goes there and laugh at himself LOL

slavemom said...

Good leh.. u've got a great weapon.. foc n harmless. Unlike CE, I've to pacify him with Honeystars. :|

Bryan's Mama said...

eh how come mine don't like mirror one? i take him and he shakes his head, signalling he doesn't want it. mabbe he shy like his mummy kekekekeke