Thursday, October 4, 2007

First attempt to wear shoes

Last night, after we were back from kai-kai with En En... we witnessed En En was trying to put on her sandal on her own! Aiyah... no photos... but she is very determined. She was trying so hard to stand with her left leg, one hand was holding to the door or placed it on the small bench and her right foot was trying to insert into the sandal.

The sandal is not the normal slipper or flip-flop type, it's the one that you need to put on the aplix once the feet is in. En En is able to flip open the aplix tab but she doesn't know how to fit her foot in it yet. She was trying for at least 15 minutes and whenever we tried to offer help, she pushed us away and scolded us by screaming. I think she wants to tell "Don't disturb me! Go away!"

En En was sweating after 20 minutes of trying, she never ask for help from anyone. She is one very strong determined girl! Probably another potential stubborn baby??


chanelwong said...

no lar..not stuborn...she is very patient and learning...this is good..

jazzmint said...

it's good that she wants to learn, vy soon she will know :)

slavemom said...

She doesn't give up easily. That's good!

2handedoctopus said...

She never give up! great!
you should encourage that!
btw u got tagged!

Lian said...

Sometimes you just want to jump in and help, but she has already given you a clear message - stay away! Hahahah. Better for you mah. When she becomes capable, your workload will lessen.

Bryan's Mama said...

champion lah En young already attempting difficult task. Well done En En - don't stop trying!