Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Green Mama - Review

I have some update on the cloth menstrual pad. Hop over to find out if you are interested. I just love to share this with all the ladies who visit to my blog.


everydayhealy said...

I was there. That's new to me. But, I got a problem here. I hate the washing process. Just imagine i got to wash off the blood in my already iiritating mood while MC?hehe...No way!

hahaha.... say it loud! I know I am lousy! :)

everydayhealy said...

And, will link you in my parenting blog, k?

it's here.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

healy: thanks for dropping by... well at least you know there is reusable pad...anyway, will link you too.

Kate said...

We have an extra bathroom people don't use too often so I just leave it in the sink there with some water and salt. It works great then put it in the washing machine with any normal clothes. The stains always come out besides who cares if they don''s only going where the sun don't shine!