Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Birthday Gifts

This is a very backdated post, my Bday is in the early of Oct. This is the year that I rewarded myself alot... maybe too much according to DH.

So these are the gift I ordered for my own, DH helped me to bring back from US!
100% pure wool and 100% cotton knitting yarn! They are total 22 balls with each ball from USD1.99 - USD2.49, but they don't do international shipping. So, I'm lucky to have DH travel to US. Will knit for years with them since I'm a slow knitter... haha!

Acrylic stamp for my scrapbooking project! Still keeping them as I do not purchase any inkpad but I think this is going to be fun!
The next one is the gift from DH which I long to have and he supported me to go green!

It's a set of cloth menstrual pad!!! Made of bamboo velour and love them so much... extremely soft and luxurious to touch! En En got modern cloth diaper and mummy now also got modern cloth mentrual pad, how nice! Want to know more about cloth mama pad, stay tune for my update on my diapering blog.

So, I'm officially broke now since the gifts for myself were all in USD... *sigh*


jazzmint said...

wahh...bamboo made pad, 1st time i hear

Wen said...

isnt wool too hot for our weather here. may i know what do u intend to knit with wool? i wld like to try knitting too. why did u get it in US besides it is wool? any particular reason?
eh the cloth pad ok or not ah? got color one so good or not..

crystal-ivy said...

Sharine, i'm using washable pad also, but only cotton imse vimse, never try bamboo and interested to try one.. let me know how does it works ya, i bet they feel comfortable! i touched them once at sandra's place, so soft!

Sasha said...

washable pad!

chanelwong said...

wow, you can knit ar...
also update me on the mamapad..I am very interested to try..but yet to buy not sure which one..

Mummy to QiQi said...

Sharine, so pretty those pads. Can wash and reuse??

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint, wen:
it is from bamboo fiber, so like cotton it's natural fiber typically grown without chemicals and pesticides. Antibacterial, breathable and very suitable for people with allergy. Very soft and you don't feel you are wearing one.

wen: try knitting la... very fun and kills your time if you are boring. I need the wool to knit cloth diaper soaker/shorties and a wool vest for my own. of course I don't wear here but if one day my sister or myself going overseas, this maybe in use. But you can always buy other yarn such as otton, acrylic belnd with cotton and it's suitable for our weather.
The reason I bought from US because it's super cheap, only RM5 for one ball of wool yarn but if buy here one ball cost almost RM40!

taty & chanel:
As for me, I think bamboo is more softer than cotton. I also have one Imse Vimse but not my favourite. when you wash it well, no stain and smell too! they don't even smell when you are wearing them for 8 hours! Amazing!

sasha: it environmental friendly and good for the health, even my mother and younger sister started to use!

chanel: I'm just a beginner in knitting, still a long way for me.

chinnee: yes, it's reusable and very easy to wash. an dump in washin machine too (after you rinse and soak first). It's much more better for the health compare to chemically produced disposable pad.

Bryan's Mama said...

wah sharine you very good green. i'm one of those who use disposable pads like nobody's business!!

anyway, next time plse knit a sweater for me LOL

bitterlysweet said...

Hope it's still not too late to wish u...Hepi B'lated B'day!! Whoa U, Sandra & me shares the same b'day month. Oh show me your finished project ya *wink wink*

slavemom said...

A Happy and very very Belated Birthday to u! Y r u broke? Ask hubs to sponsor some mah. ;)

lotus said...

OO mama pads! Bravo! Velour too, you're pampering yourself.
Bamboo is very absorbent and softer than cotton or hemp.

There are people who home make them and sell in Australia, but it's hard to buy because it is so popular! I have tried for nearly a year to buy, but no motivation until recently when my period started again.

I might try to make some myself. Have to get some Bamboo first.

In fact 2 months ago I ran out of pads... I used a couple of Abi's hourglass-shaped bamboo nappy boosters! It had a layer of polar fleece which I (conveniently) used as the bottom layer, so did not soak through to my clothes.
They were so much more comfortable than the paper disposable ones.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

bryan's mama: you queue first ah... not sure when I'm going to finish my baby's projects yet... next time when I'm ready you just provide me the yarn, OK?

bitterlysweet: thanks... yup we are in the same month! No worry sure will sure my end products in... 3-6 months time... haha!

lotus: Wow! You are even creative... you used Abi's nappy boaster as ur temporarily pad? That's amazing... but they are just the same material. Hey, update me when you have your DIY pad ready. Feel cool to see that!